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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holidays are Over

I know, I'm lazy when it comes to updating but it stops right now.  I had a two week recover from the holidays and I'm back, baby.  Sitting here watching hubby and son play Star Wars Lego The Complete Saga on Wii and I'm on my trusty HP Mini typing away.  I need to get my blog out there and I've added my blog to my signature line but so far only two followers.  That is truly sad. 

The good thing is that in April I will be hosting a blog session for Desiree Holt celebrating her 100th book release.I already have the graphics and blurb to start and I have picked the book that I'm going to highlight that day so I'm pretty pumped about that.  I just hope that people show up.  Starting a blog isn't easy and I didn't think that it would be but seriously? 

I'm not a boring person and I truly have alot to say about pretty much everything.  Again, its just gonna take time and effort on my part to get the word out.  Maybe if I put it on Facebook that I now have a blog that more people would find it and read it.  Maybe, I just don't know.  With some much social media out there, its really hard to tell if people are really paying attention or if there is a backlash on social media.  Now, that would be a interesting blog all in itself.

Well, I must go for now, dinner is waiting............and I'm hungry!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Tuesday

I got AWESOME news from my doctor today.  When I went to the annual trip, my doctor did a biopsy to check for anything wrong with my lining.  I have very heavy monthlies and I needed to know if anything was wrong.  Well, I'm fine but we still have to figure out how to make me more comfortable during that time.

Not sure that anyone knows this but I review books for a website now.  I just turned in my second review and I tried to be fair.  Have you ever read a book and found that either the hero/heroine was lacking?  I did in this book and I think I wrote a fair review.  The rest of the story and even the hero were great, just not the heroine.   If you review, please comment and let me know how you handle situations like that. 

I'm off the bed.................I'm tired and sleepy. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Logo

I got my first logo today!  Coffee Time Romance has been gracious enough to put their logo with link on my blog!  Sweet!  If you have never been to their site, I highly recommend that you do.  They have a little of everything for everyone.  Try out their free reads page, author interviews, blogs, interviews, etc.  It is well worth your time.

Well, its the starting of new year and I really have alot to be grateful for.  I have a job that I like, hubby store's is doing well and our son still likes kindergarten.  We have our health and each other.  What else can we ask for?  Well for one, I'm going to be an aunt again.  My brother is having a little girl in late March, early April.  He has a 12 year old son now, so he is a little bit giddy and scared at the prospect of having a little girl.  I told him that I hope she is not like him or he will definitely have his hands full!  LOL!

In my reading resolutions for this year, I really need to play catch up.  I have a zillion Harlie's to read and a Nook full of books, too.  I really need to read my Harlie's and clear out the backlog that I have created in the last few months.  Its almost obscene, really.  I belong to the Reader Service and I need to stop some of them and then move some of them to e-books so I can read them at my leisure.  I'm not sure how much of pain that will be and I just need to call and find out.  I know, lazy............I'll own up to it. 

Well, hubby just came in from grilling our dinner and I'm hungry.  Signing off for now and I have got to finish reading the book that I need to submit my review for by Wednesday.  I know............lazy but I've been busy over the holidays!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

Well, as the new year starts, I'm reminded of what was done in 2010.  My son started kindergarten, I got a promotion and more money at work, and my hubby's store had its best year ever.  I realize that I started this blog to talk about Harlie books but as the year went by and I joined a few chat groups, I realized that this blog will be more than just that.  This blog has never been published but starting next weekend it will be.

I hope that people will find it good, not great and will be entertained by it.  I'm not a great writer but just a girl that likes to write and write about stuff that effects her and what makes her tick.

Comments are very welcome and anyone that has any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Happy 2011 everyone!