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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Angels vs Demons Blog Hop-Day three

Its day three and I hope that you are having alot of fun doing to all the blogs and finding new authors and bloggers.  Here is another snippet.  Again, leave a comment, good or bad and don't forget your email address.

Snippet #3

Kim awoke with the weirdest sensation. She felt like someone was in her bedroom and that she was kissed on the forehead. Okay, no more late night ice cream binges and definitely no caffeine. Lying back down in bed, she thought that even though she was still creped out by the noises, the kiss felt too real. I'm delusional, I am. Shivering, she pulled the duvet closer to her neck and within an instant she was asleep again.

More tomorrow...

Nobody's Perfect by Kallypso Masters Blog Tour

I'm so sad that Kallypso's tour is coming to end today.  Don't forget to leave a comment and your email in the comments section for the daily prize.  No email, no prize.  Also, the form for the grand prize is at the bottom of the post.  Good luck!
Savannah Gentry, now Savi Baker, escaped the torture and degradation forced upon her by a sadistic father for eleven years and has made a safe life for herself and her daughter. When her father threatens her peace of mind—and her daughter's safety—Savi runs to Damián Orlando for protection. Their one day together eight years earlier changed both their lives and resulted in a secret she can no longer hide. But being with Damián reawakens feelings she wants buried—and stirs up an onslaught of disturbing flashbacks that leave her shaken to the core with little hope of ever being a sexual being again.

Damián has his own dragons to fight, but has never forgotten the one perfect day he spent with Savannah in a cave at the beach. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Savi and her daughter, but can never be the whole man she deserves after a firefight in Iraq. Besides, the trauma of war and resulting PTSD has led him to find his place as the Masters at Arms Club's favorite sadist. Savi needs someone gentle and loving, not the broken man he has become. But he sees that the lifestyle he's come to embrace also can help Savi regain control of her life and sexuality. How can he not help redirect her negative thoughts and actions if she needs him?
Interview with a sub


I first met Kathy when she contacted me after the Dec. 23 release of Nobody's Hero and offered to be a beta reader. She read the book during that week before the official Dec. 31 release of the book and gave me great insights into the mindset of a submissive—as well as being helpful to me with military information. Needless to say, she's been a big help with Nobody's Perfect, as well, including giving me insight into a breath-control play scene that I use in the book. She and her Dom also helped me with a scene for an upcoming book in which Marc will undergo an interrogation scene with Adam and possibly others as he faces that inner pain that has been hidden so deeply, I didn't think we'd EVER discover what it was.

Recently, I asked her to answer a view questions to give readers an insight into a real submissive's life, as opposed to the ones I write about who are composites of a number of people (plus my imagination).

How or when did you realize you were a submissive?

I think I was around 6 years old. I remember how much I enjoyed helping other people because I wanted to see them happy. I have always made decisions based on the effect it will have on the people I love. When my husband was in the Navy everything I did, including clean the house, was to insure he was worry free, so he could concentrate on his job. It wasn't until I was in my early 40s that I learned to call myself submissive.

I am not a 'pure' submissive. In the outside world I am very dominant. I am not a switch. I have no desire to control my husband or anyone else, but I am a mother so I have to be in charge to teach and to control chaos. Sometimes how I in need to be for the outside world creates conflict with my inner submissive, that's when I need my Dominant the most because he centers me.

Describe what being submissive means to you.

Wow, that's a hard one. What submission means to me, hmm surrender. That is the best word to describe submission for me. I surrender to my desire to not be in charge. I surrender to my husband’s desires, needs, and wants. I give of myself completely and with joy for the happiness of my Dominant. Seeing him happy fills my heart. Submission is different for each sub. Submission is an abstract term so it is not easily defined. I find great peace from my submission.

How did you go about finding the practice? How do you and your husband approache a D/s relationship?

With all the craziness going on in our life, we keep it in the closet so to speak. We leave the formality of the D/s relationship in the bedroom now. Sounds unfulfilling, but really it is not. Every relationship goes through shifts to fit its needs.

My husband works long hours and I am a full-time student. We also have a son still at home, so to simplify our life we leave D/s for the bedroom and play parties. We are extremely informal compared to many and that's fine. The beauty of this lifestyle is that there is no wrong or right way to approach your relationship. There are many books out there that will give you ideas and examples. We explored a good number of them. For the time being, we have relegated D/s to the bedroom and when our son is not home. There are critics that would scream we are not D/s unless we are 24/7.To them I thumb my nose because being 24/7 is a lot of pressure for both sides. We are a lot like Marc and Angelina, sometimes I move over a line and he gently pulls me back other times I end up with a sore butt. I guess our relationship ebbs and flows with our needs and moods.

As you know, Damián in Kally's book is now a sadist and Savi is a masochist. What is your point of view on sadomasochism (SM)? Do you do anything with that level of pain or use any edge control practices with your Dom?

I have no issue with consensual SM. The level of play a person wants to initiate is completely at their discretion. I love edge play. I get an enormous rush from pain. My hubby says I am a pain slut, and I may be, but really I need a blend of pain and sensual touch to fall into subspace.

One type of play we do a lot of now is breath play. Most would think it is not edge play, but it can be very dangerous if you are not careful. In fact, it could kill you. Breath play can be very relaxing and gentle. We usually start with a kiss where my husband begin by draw my breath away and breathing his into me. It's quite intimate. The risk comes from the amount of CO2 you receive. You have to make sure your partner does not asphyxiate. Breath play also includes choking. Often when we have rough sex he puts his hand down on my neck and traps me to the bed. It is a combination of bondage and breath play.

I love knife play, with or without cutting. The best is the mindfuck—using something innocuous and making the sub believe it is something dangerous. I saw a Dom use ice and hold it to the sub's skin and she was convinced it what hot during the fireplay scene. For medical reasons, I cannot do as much impact play so we are working to find new outlets for our play.

Overall, I am a person who believes everyone should play at the level they are comfortable with. In BDSM we let people be themselves. We don't like when people tell us what we do is wrong because we don't do it their way. The beauty of the kink communities is we accept everyone. BDSM/Kink is fun and if you are deriving pleasure from it and it's safe, sane, and consensual, it's all right.

Now if what you are doing is being done in an unsafe manner a Dom may help you learn a safer way to do it or help you learn better techniques. Everyone had to start out learning how to swing a flogger, for example, so we embrace teaching safety. Doms mentor other Doms all the time, just as other subs will mentor subs when they first enter the community. We are like a family in many ways.

What is it like emotionally to be on the receiving end of a Dom's attentions?

During a scene, it's a total rush. My Dom and I do a lot of mental bondage. Mental bondage is when the Dom tells you what position he wants you in and often to be silent and you have to maintain that position. It requires a lot of concentration and discipline. It works very well for people that have a hard time staying in the moment. For example, say you are a worry wart and you have a hard time orgasming—using mental bondage occupies your mind and frees your body to respond to the stimulation without tension or stress getting in the way.

I don't believe in the notion that a sub feels any more or less cherished than a wife in a solid vanilla relationship. The major difference is we set aside fear of rejection because we trust our partner to listen without making it personal or having hurt feelings. We tend to be more rational about our wants and needs and open to what our partner wants without prejudices. I would never claim BDSM is a marital cure-all, because that is pure fantasy.

Lastly, what is your favorite part about being a sub in a long-term relationship?

It's like any other relationship. When it's great, it is the best thing in the world. We have our on days and our off days. We have periods of time we operate in the lifestyle more than others. We fit our life and our lifestyle together in a manner that works best for us. We work hard to accept one another and enjoy everything everyone else does. We have a rich full life that includes D/s.

My favorite is the way we communicate more clearly now. I don't assume he knows what I want and he feels safe asking for what he needs. We have more fun in bed and out of bed. NEITHER one of us lives in fear that we will weird the other one out.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Angels vs Demons Blog Hop-Day Two

She's back again...leave a comment and email for Harlie on another snippet from something she wrote.  And yes, she can take the heat...

Snippet #2

I've got to learn to keep my wings intact and in my back.  I can't keep knocking things over.  I need Kim to notice me but I was going about it the wrong way. Wings retracted, I surveyed the house. She left the lights on again. How in the world can I get Kim to notice me? Does she not realize that I'm her guardian angel and that I can sense danger coming to harm her? Tony crept upstairs and watched Kim sleep. She was beautiful with creamy white skin, golden brown hair and the most kissable lips. Kim needs to believe in her "ghost" because if she didn't, it could be deadly for both of them. Tony placed a feather light kiss on Kim's forehead and headed downstairs again.

More tomorrow....

Suzanne Brockman Print Book Giveaway

Today's books are from Suzanne Brockman.  I know, I know..why are you parting with them?  I don't have the room and I would rather give them away.  Just leave a email and make sure you sign up either as an email subscriber.  Easiet way to see what Harlie is doing.  Good luck.

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann returns with two classic tales of courageous men who face the most daring adventure of all—falling in love.
Prince Joe

Media consultant Veronica St. John has been hired to teach a rugged Navy SEAL to impersonate a European prince who has been targeted by terrorists. But one conversation and Veronica knows there's no way she can turn streetwise New Yorker Joe Catalanotto into nobility. Joe, on the other hand, is confident he's got what it takes to complete his mission. Two days isn't a lot of time to get the job done…but it's just enough time to fall in love.

Forever Blue

Lucy Tait has fantasized about Blue McCoy since high school. With the Navy SEAL back in town, nothing's changed…except that Lucy's a police officer and Blue's been charged with murder. As the investigation heats up, so does their relationship. Now they're working to save Blue's future—before they lose their hearts.

Not Without Risk
It began as a day's pleasure cruise on the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. But then Emily Marshall stumbled into a deadly maze of drug smuggling and murder--and discovered that the only person who could help her was the man who had once torn her heart to shreds.
A sudden and passionate interlude showed Jim Keegan the truth he'd been hiding from for so long. Now he knew exactly what he lost when he walked away from Emily--and what he would lose forever if he couldn't save her....

A Man to Die For

Carrie Brooks left her home, her job, her very existence, to run away with a murder suspect, a man whose only prior introduction to her was as her kidnapper. She has no reason at all to trust him. After all, he's the enemy--isn't he?
Felipe Salazar's been in disguise for so long, he's not even sure who he is anymore. But he knows two things: he's innocent. And he's waited all his life for someone like Carrie....

Now back in print after many years, a captivating story of sweet seduction and unexpected love from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann
Dressed in Victorian attire, Juliana Anderson gives guests at her cozy New England bed and breakfast a taste of old-fashioned hospitality. Whether she’s cooking up delights in her kitchen or maintaining the rooms in her beautifully decorated inn, Juliana stays busy and content. Until Webster Donovan arrives—tall, rugged, and sexy beyond belief.

The lean, dark-haired author has a bad case of writer’s block and he’s planned a six-week stay to cure it. But this beautiful woman is proving even more distracting to the cause. For prim, polite Juliana has a wild side: She rides a Harley and hides a troubled past. The moment Webster watches her take off her motorcycle helmet and shake loose those long, flame-colored curls, he finds his muse—and loses his heart. But can romance with a woman afraid to trust in love last longer than a moment in time?

Happy Reading!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Angels vs Demons Blog Hop-Day One

Hello from Harlie's Book Blog.  Thank you for finding me and participating.  The prize for my blog is a $20 GC to either Amazon or B&N.  For you reading pleasure, I'm going to share some snippets from a story that Harlie is working on.  Just leave a comment w/email address after reading the snippets and let her know if you like or hate it. She can take the heat but keep in mind its unedited and raw.  Yep, she is trying to write a story and it features an angel named Tony...Here you go...

Snippet #1

One night, Kim sat in her favorite chair reading the latest romance novel when she heard a noise from inside the house. That's weird, she thought. Shaking her head, she went back to reading her book. A few minutes later, she heard the noise again but this time from a different part of the house. Okay, now this is freaking me out. I don't have a dog or cat. No one lives here but me and I know that I locked all the windows and doors. Plus, with it not raining outside, the sound was a little eerie. Shrugging it off she went back to her book.

Perched on the sideboard in the dining room was figurine of an angel. This was no ordinary angel. This angel could move from room to room without the actual figurine moving from its perch. I always thought that some of grandmother's figurine's looked at me when I moved around the house. It gave me the creeps. The whole house was creepy. I inherited the house when her grandmother passed away last year. I swear, if I hadn't needed a place to live, I wouldn't have moved in here. Just then, another sound and it came from the kitchen. Okay, I'm going to bed. I can't concentrate on my book with my "ghost" buddy moving around in the house. Leaving the lights on, I fixed the coffee pot for in the morning and walked upstairs to bed.

More tomorrow....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Angels vs Demons Blog Hop Promo

Howdy y'all!

Guess what happens starting on Thursday? We're hosting a Blog Hop! Me, along with 102 other Authors, Bloggers, and Reviewers are hosting an Angels vs Demons Blog Hop!

We want to know: Angels or Demons...who do you want?

From June 28th - July 1st, you can HOP around the blogs, comment on each and follow their rules, and be entered to win over 100 giveaways.

Yep. I said 100 GIVEAWAYS.

Each blog will have it's own giveaway, PLUS we have TWO grand prizes.

ONE Commenter from the blogs will win a KINDLE TOUCH

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Yep! We're doing THAT MUCH. You can comment on 1 or all 103 and be entered up to 103 times for the grand prizes.

So come around those days and do your best to win!

Good luck y'all!

Lori Foster Books Giveaway

Today I have some Lori Foster HQN's that are grouped together in one book as an anthology.  Yep, book hoarder alert...I read each of these as a standalone but just HAD to buy them this way.  *sigh*

Leave a comment and email...open to US only since they are print.  Sorry.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nora Roberts Giveaway

Harlie has come to realization that she has to get rid of some books before she moves.  *sigh* Starting today, she will be giving away some of her print books.  Some are new and some are older.  Harlie takes care of her books so they are still pretty new.  Harlie will be giving away books every day for at least a week.  Unfortunately its only open to US only due to mailing.  Today's features are some Nora Roberts books.  All you have to do is leave me a comment and email.  No email, no winner.  She will leave it open for a couple of days.  Check back every day for new books.  :)

Jonah Blackhawk knew forbidden fruit when he tasted it, and Ally Fletcher definitely fell into that category. The lanky blonde wasn't just a cop, she was also the police commissioner's daughter. No matter how sharp or constant Blackhawk's hunger may be, Ally was off-limits. She needed to finish her case, get out of his club and out of his life, before the memory of their passionate embrace consumed him. Until then, he'd stay away from her and keep to his own world, protected by the cover of night, his Night Shield.
Maggie Fitzgerald had retreated from her fast-paced life, seeking solitude to heal her tattered heart. But if landscaper Cliff Delaney's rude manner and irresistible sexuality weren't disturbing enough, now an old murder shattered her peace entirely, imperiling her life and forcing her right into the protective arms of the most irritating man alive! Delaney's Night Moves were enough to make even the saddest woman smile…but were they also those of a killer?

The moment her eyes locked on Colt Nightshade, she knew he was trouble. But Lieutenant Althea Grayson prided herself on being in control, and she wouldn't let her new partner ruin that. The man was a renegade, no respect for rules—and the worst part was he got to her. The way he challenged Althea's thinking, stared right into her eyes…and held her in his arms. What defense could her heart have when Nightshade didn't play fair?
Arson investigator Ryan Piasecki was a man who got the job done no matter what the obstacle…or how beautiful she was. Ambitious executive Natalie Fletcher's new business was going up in smoke, literally, and she needed Ryan's help to catch the arsonist. But if he wasn't careful, the sparks flying between him and this hothouse rose would erupt into a five-alarm blaze—and they'd both be engulfed by the Night Smoke.

Her voice was like whiskey, smooth and potent, but it was her contradictions that fascinated Detective Boyd Fletcher—the vulnerability beneath her tough-as-nails facade. Late-night radio announcer Cilla O'Roarke was being threatened by a caller, and it was Boyd's job to protect her no matter what. But the sultry deejay was getting under his skin, and the undeniable attraction that sizzled between them concerned the detective…because anything could happen on the Night Shift
They called him Nemesis. He walked the dark alleyways alone, a shadow among shadows—and that's the way he liked it. Until the night he saved Deborah O'Roarke from an attacker and rediscovered the quiet ache of yearning lodged in his heart. It had been a long time since he had wanted to reach out to someone…. But Deborah was an idealistic prosecutor who played by the rules and abhorred the vigilantism of her mysterious defender. Could she come to love the phantom who lurked in the Night Shadow?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Winner of Hot Summer Nights Erotic Blog Hop

Wow!  I can't believe how many comments that people left on this blog hop!  As some of yall reminded me, I did leave off some really good authors.  I want to thank everyone that stopped by, left a comment but unfortunately, I had to pick a winner of the $25 GC. 

Drumroll....thru the power of random.org its

TINA (trb0917@gmail.com)  She has been contacted!

Again, I really appreciate the comment love.  I have another blog hop going right now.  Sharing my Favorite Book.  It runs until June 30th.  Hop on over and leave a comment.

Also, starting June 28th, Demons vs Angels blog hop.  More on that one later....

Congratulations to Tina and to everyone that participated.  If you didn't win on my blog, check the other blogs.

Always A Marine, Books 1 & 2 by Heather Long-Reviews & Interview

Once Her Man, Always Her Man
Book 1, Always a Marine series


Fulfilling a favor and executing a business plan, Luke Dexter arrives at Dallas’ Sybarite Club for a one-night stand. He never imagined he’d come face to face with the woman he left behind a decade earlier.

Rebecca Rainier fell in love with Luke Dexter in high school and was crushed when he dumped her to join the Marines after 9/11. Set up on a 1Night Stand by her business partner, nothing could prepare Rebecca for who her date is.

Can Luke and Rebecca bridge the pain of a decade-long abandonment, in one cold Texas night?


Once her Man, Always her Man is a short sweet novella under the umbrella of the 1Night Stand imprint by Decadent Publishing. It’s the first book in Heather Long’s new series Always a Marine and introduces us to sexy Marine Luke Dexter on the night he’s set up on a blind date with his high school sweetheart. Rebecca Rainier never stopped loving Luke even after he dumped her to join the Marines after 9/11. Rebecca and Luke have one night to figure out if their love is still hot enough to warm up even the coldest Texas night.

I’m going to admit I don’t usually pick up such short stories but since I love Heather Long’s backlist I decided to take the chance. I’m glad I did. Yes, it’s short but the way Ms. Long handles the story pulls you in instantly and doesn’t let go. It’s a hot sexy read with all the emotion I love to find in my romance stories.  Luke is everything Rebecca has ever wanted and she’s just what he needs. The scenes are steamy but even with such a short amount of time to tell the story; Ms. Long manages to put enough backstory that it doesn’t feel rushed. I highly recommend this story if you like your stories hot and emotional but want a fast read.
Reviewed by Sheri

4 Harlie's and a recommended read

Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here
Book 2, Always a Marine series


She’s one of the few…

Jazz has been one of the guys for over a decade, serving her country with distinction, but she longs to explore her femininity, to be desired as a woman, to flirt, cavort and fulfill every sexual desire. When her mother, of all people, signs her up for a 1Night Stand, she’s not sure whether to be exhilarated or pissed. She flew all the way to Las Vegas on the promise of a total escape, to be Jasmine for just one night, because tomorrow, she plans to re-up for another five years.

They’re two of the proud…

Logan Cavanaugh grew up across the street from his best friend and ‘brother’ Zach Evans. Inseparable, the two shared everything until a year before when an IED attack took out the Humvee they traveled in with Colonel Dexter. Zach suffered a concussion, but Logan’s injuries were far more extensive. After a year of physical therapy, he can walk, but he’ll never run or love a woman again, or so he fears. Logan seemed ready to accept his impotence until Zach came home. Now the ‘brothers’ are in Vegas to meet the perfect woman, the woman who can heal Logan’s confidence and masculinity.

They’re all Marines…

They’ve shared everything, but will one night be enough?


Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here is the second installment in Heather Long’s Always a Marine series. Jasmine “Jazz” Winters, has always been one of the guys, so she allows her mom to sign her up with 1Night Stand. She flies to Las Vegas for her date and her greatest fantasy of a night with two men, Logan Cavanaugh and Zach Evans are happy to fulfill her every fantasy in a night of passion. These two men are as close as brothers and served together as Marines, until an IED attack side lined Logan, leaving scars and making him feel like he’ll never love a woman physically again. Jazz is just the Marine to help with Logan’s problem and love Zach too.

I loved this book.  Something about the heroine being a strong Marine, who doesn’t see herself as feminine enough in her everyday life, makes this story just stand out for me. The tenderness and care she shows for Logan, just makes me love her more. I read a lot of ménage romance but this story has stuck with me and I can see it continuing to do so.  It’s another short novella like the other books in this series, but even in the short night they have together you can already feel them falling in love.  This story leaves off with the idea that this three will be getting together again soon, and I really hope there is a follow up story so I can enjoy these characters all over again.
Reviewed by Sheri

5 Harlie's and a recommended read

Quote from reviewer Sheri,  "They renewed my love of novellas."


To get started can you tell us what you are working on or have coming out?
How much time do we have? 2012 has been a very exciting year for me with several releases coming out back to back.  Currently, I am awaiting the release of the next Always a Marine 1Night Stand tales: Proud to Serve Her and Her Marine. They are due out June 26th and July 3rd respectively.   Soon after that will be The Taming of the Thief in mid-July which is the second book in The Fortunate Buddha trilogy. 

So--lots of good stuff. 
As for what I am writing right now, I’m finishing up No Regrets, No Surrender, the novel follow up to Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here and then I get to go back and play with my superheroes for a book to follow up Yesterday’s Heroes, which releases in September from Carina Press.

What made you realize that writing was it for you? Do you write full time?
From the moment I realized that actual people wrote those books I loved, I knew I had to be one. I was an avid reader from a young age, literally devouring hundreds of dollars worth of books and never seeming to satisfy that craving. So writing really is like being a kid again, immersing myself in worlds with these characters and enjoying the ride.  I do write full time in the sense that I am at my keyboard working on stories or editing for well over forty hours a week. It’s not paying all the bills yet, but I’m pretty happy with my progress.

What is a typical day of writing like for you?

Get up, let my dogs out, feed my cats and where I used to make a cup of coffee, now I make a power shake. I’ve been on a diet for the last few weeks, so it’s modified a lot of my habits, but I’m really seeing success both on the writing and weight loss front.  Once the dogs are settled, I head out to the garage where I can work on my laptop away from the distractions of the Internet. That’s where a lot of the magic happens whether I have 1, 2, 3 hours or all day to write. New words are almost always reserved for the beginning of the day when I’m freshest while I tackle edits in the afternoon or evening.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Of course. What is life without them? But currently many of my favorite shows are on hiatus for the summer, so it’s power-writing time. However--eek,gasp--I gave up Starbuck’s which is not something I thought I would be able to do.

What is your favorite type of hero to write and why?

That’s a hard question. I love all my guys. I love them because whether their grumpy and curt (Cody, Brave Are the Lonely & Jacob, Jacob’s Trial) or charming and dashing (Max, The Love Thieves) or just stand up, truly honorable men (Sam, Marshal of Hel Dorado, Luke, Once Her Man, Always Her Man) - it’s how they love their women that makes them a hero to me.  These are the guys to go to in order to get something done.

If you were stranded on an island, what and who would you take with you?

Fresh water and Chris Hemsworth.  Yep. That’s what I’d take.

Which genre(s) do you write and is one of them your favorite?

I’m giggling here because I don’t have a favorite--it’s why I write in so many. My eclectic tastes in reading translated into what I write from Paranormal Western Romance, Paranormal Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Military Romance and now a Superhero Romance that is soon to be released.  I suppose you can say I have a thing for paranormal because it’s a more regular theme, but I love them all.

If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend that they start with and why?

Hmm--if they enjoy more erotic reads, I’d send them to my 1Night Stand’s from Decadent. The Always a Marine series holds a very special place in my heart. They are sexy, saucy, and delicious to read.  If they enjoy something a little bit different with an epic feel, I’d send them to my Fevered Hearts series because those books are paranormal westerns--they have all the magic and powers you could want against the backdrop of the wild west with more than a few spicy scenes thrown in.  If they wanted romantic escape, then my Fortunate Buddha trilogy offers romance, adventure, and humor--which is one of my favorite combinations.

Speed round:

Beer, wine, liquor or none?


PJ’s or lingerie?


Boxers, briefs, commando?

Boxers - I like unwrapping the package

Top 5 favorite books?

Killjoy by Julie Garwood

A Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Archangel’s Blade by Nalini Singh

River Marked by Patricia Briggs

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Go to author for a comfort read?

Patti Briggs - I adore her books.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you? (That you would be willing to share)

I really wanted to be an attorney when I grew up. I thought it would be great to be a crusader for the little guy, fighting against corporate greed and making a real difference in the world. When I was five, I announced I would be the first female President of the United States…

Hmm. I still have time for that.

About the Author:

Heather Long lives in Texas with her family and their menagerie of animals. As a child, Heather skipped picture books and enjoyed the Harlequin romance novels by Penny Jordan and Nora Roberts that her grandmother read to her. Heather believes that laughter is as important to life as breathing and that the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are very real. In the meanwhile, she is hard at work on her next novel.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Captive Fantasy by Ann Mayburn-Review

Captive Fantasy
Tales from the IWSS
Short Story Length
Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Erotic M/F

Mary has always had a fantasy about a dangerous escaped prisoner kidnapping her and forcing her to sate his brutal, pent up desires. When she receives an invitation from the IWSS to live that fantasy out in one of their research facilities she jumps at the chance. Now she just has to convince her gentle giant of a husband to take control and make her his willing love slave.


***smoking a ciggerette***  (I know bad for your health)  Good law...another emotional scorcher from Ms. Mayburn.  I swear, you will need more than the usual things to cool you down.  And to think I read this story in the afternoon while hubby was at work.  Damn it.  I'm going to have to wait on him.  Oh wait...maybe not. 

I truly believe that her IWSS series is one of the HOTTEST series that you will read this year.  While short story length, she packs alot in her plot, pacing and sexual encounters.  Her characters are richly drawn and well thought out.  I will admit that I used to be turned off by the "capture fantasy" troupe before but this is my second book that I've read using it as the central theme and I loved it.  This is a story about a married couple in which Mary has always wanted her husband to do this to her.  Problem for her is that her husband, the gentle giant, has always been afraid of physically hurting her.  Once she gets the acceptance letter from IWSS, he finally agrees. 

Folks, I can not tell you how much I love Ann Mayburn's series and her ability to write about established couples and the fantasies that they were too afraid to mention to their spouses.  Fear?  Embarrassment?  Rejection?  Its all there in the beginning but once its talked out amongst them, the fantasy takes over.  As a married woman, I have a few of my own and yes, I'm too afraid to mention them.  Its only natural.

I truly hope that you will take a chance on Capture Fantasy by Ann Mayburn.  Be warned...its scorching and loving all at the same time.

5 Harlie's and a recommended read

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What is your all time favorite book?  Hands down its Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood. 

Julie Garwood is the rare novelist that when I ask around to my friends, have you ever read Julie Garwood, it starts a whole conversation on how Julie was their first historical writer that they ever read and loved. And this is coming from other authors and friends that typically don't read historical novels. She is the beloved author of twenty romance books, writing in the sub genres of Contemporary, Medieval Scotland Historical, Regency Historical and Western Historical. I will admit though that I read her Buchanan contemporaries before I read her Buchanan Medieval Scotland Historicals. Those two book series are tied together but you do not have to read them to understand the modern day Buchanan's or the Medieval Buchanan's.

Julie's first novel, Gentle Warrior, was published in 1985, and there has been a steady parade of bestsellers ever since. Today more than 35 million copies of her books are in print, and they are translated in dozens of languages around the world. One of her most popular novels, For the Roses, was adapted for a Hallmark Hall of Fame production on CBS.

Whether the setting be medieval Scotland, Regency England, frontier Montana, or modern-day Louisiana, her themes are consistent: family, loyalty and honor. Julie described her goals this way: "I want my readers to laugh and cry and fall in love." And she would be right.
My favorite novel of Julie's is Shadow Dance. It's a contemporary that features Jordan Buchanan, the oldest daughter and Noah Clayborne, Nick Buchanan's best friend and partner in the FBI. I immediately fell in love with both the plot and the characters. Jordan is a business savvy, smart and at times vulnerable woman. She doesn't see herself as desirable and hasn't really thought about dating or having any kind of a social life. After a dare from Noah at her brother's wedding, she sets off for Texas to find some answers and gets caught up in a web of deceit, murder and romance. Noah is my favorite romance hero ever written. He's a FBI agent that is as tough, sexy, smart and tender as a man can be. Jordan and Noah work well together on so many levels. They are smart, loyal to a fault and the compliment each other. If you want to read more about Noah Clayborne's back story, please read the following: For The Roses, The Clayborne Brides and Come The Spring.
For more information on Julie and her books, please visit her website at www.juliegarwood.com.
**Bio and book information was found on Julie's website.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tell It To the Marine (Always a Marine, Book 3)-Review & Giveway

Title: Tell It To the Marine (Always a Marine, Book 3)

Author: Heather Long

Publisher: Decadent Publishing (1NS)

Length: 12,000 words

Genre(s): Contemporary Erotic Military Romance

Available at:


PFC James Westwood wasn't a typical Marine. A clinical psychologist who devotes time to his brothers by working at Mike’s Place, James recognizes that his band of brothers need a helping hand on their journey home.  When Captain Dexter encouraged everyone to sign up for the 1Night Stand dating service, Westwood committed himself, what did he have to lose? 

The last thing he expected was screen goddess Lauren Kincaid.

Movie star Lauren Kincaid grew up splitting her time between the cold reality of the Hollywood scene and her family home in Plano, Texas   After two decades of artificial friendships and inflated egos, her greatest desire is to meet a real man, not a Hollywood talking head.  Her agent suggested the 1Night Stand service for its discretion and exclusivity. When she arranged to meet her date at Dallas' famed Sybarite Club, she wasn't sure what she was expecting, but the gorgeous psychologist with rapier wit blew her expectations away.

Everyone needs someone to hear them.

James and Lauren share an unmistakable connection, but when one of James’ patients suffers a crisis, Lauren more than proves her mettle.  Can one night turn into happily ever after for this Marine and his movie star?


“Your party is this way, sir.” She beckoned him down the red-carpeted steps into the lounge proper and he followed her path through the club to a booth in the back. Acclimating to the low lighting, he saw a slender feminine arm extend from the right side of the booth until a red-nailed hand cradled a wine glass.

A curl of excitement twisted in his gut. He'd planned to keep this low key, but the club, the music and the atmosphere teased his anticipation. The waitress halted with a sweep of her arm to allow him to precede her.

“Can I get you anything, Mr. Westwood?”

“Soda water with lime, please.” He preferred to keep his wits about him. “And bottle of whatever the lady is having.” If they were going to have a dinner, the least he could do was provide her with her preferred wine.

“Of course.”

Free of the waitress' distraction he turned back to the booth. His fingertips rested against the table as the golden-haired goddess looked up at him. Sea-blue eyes seemed to catch every drop of light in the room and reflect it in shimmering azure as she rose to offer him her hand.

“James?” Milk and honey flowed through her voice and his spine straightened, his cock already jerking into a salute. “I'm…”

“Lauren Kincaid.” He could only hope he wasn't drooling like a lovesick fool. Lauren Kincaid, a goddess of the silver screen, was his one night stand?

Her laughter, low and throaty, dragged his open mouth into a smile. Shaking off his shock, he took her extended hand and shook it carefully. Her slender fingers seemed totally engulfed by his and he didn't want to squeeze her with excitement.

“It's a pleasure to meet you.”

“Ma'am, you have no idea.” His date was Lauren Kincaid. The only chick flick star he would pay money to see with or without a date. 


The third installment of Heather Long’s Always a Marine series follows PFC James Westwood, Marine turned clinical psychologist so he can help out his fellow Marines acclimate to civilian life. With his whole unit signing up for the 1Night Stand service and it turning out so well for his fellow Marines, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Movie Star Laura Kincaid is sick of the artificial men she keeps meeting in Hollywood so she allows her agent to sign her up for 1Night Stand where she is paired up with James, who just happens to be her biggest fan.  Lauren falls in love with the way he cares for his patient and fellow Marine, and he falls in love with her compassion and ability to empathize with the plight of Marines struggling to reenter civilian life.

The thing I love about the way Ms. Long tackles these Novellas is that she doesn’t just cram in hot mindless sex. There is lots of hot steamy sex but she builds the story and lets us fall in love with the characters in just a short span of time. I feel like that takes a mastery that not a lot of other authors possess, and is what keeps me coming back to this series. James and Lauren aren’t fully committed after one night but they are well on their way to a happily ever after, and it’s believable.  My biggest complaint is that story is too short, but that isn’t a bad thing because it’s handled beautifully, I just want more because I’m greedy and the story is that good.


5 Harlie's, Recommended Read
About the Author:

Heather Long lives in Texas with her family and their menagerie of animals. As a child, Heather skipped picture books and enjoyed the Harlequin romance novels by Penny Jordan and Nora Roberts that her grandmother read to her. Heather believes that laughter is as important to life as breathing and that the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are very real. In the meanwhile, she is hard at work on her next novel.

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