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Wow, what to say about myself.  I'm a romance junkie but I've been know to read off the reservation, too.  A few of my all time favorite authors are Julie Garwood, Linda Howard, Tom Clancy, Cherry Adair, John Grisham, Julie Miller, Samantha Hunter, Cari Quinn and Regina Carlysle.  I was born in the great state of Oklahoma, raised in Dallas, TX and moved about 6 years ago to the sticks in East Texas.  Being married and mother keeps me busy, please the EDJ, too.

When I'm not reading, I'm writing and yes, I've had a few rejections under my pen name.  Huge blow to the ego but that's life.

I love the Oklahoma Sooners, Texas Aggies, Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers and Houston Texans, just to name a few of the sports teams that I follow.  Sports are a huge part of my life.  I live for college football, in February when pitchers and catchers start reporting for Spring Training and the Olympics.  Go Team USA!
My love affair with Jack Ryan started with this book.

One of my favorites

The one that really started her TFLAC series.  ***sigh Jake***

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