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Monday, October 18, 2010

One More Thought

I realized that after I published my first blog that I forget to include that I also Romance, Superromance, Spice, all the Inspirational lines, Spice Briefs, Nocturne Bites, Historical Undone and the Back list from Harlequin e-Books.  In other words, pretty much anything Harlequin puts out.  I have also discovered their digital only line called Carina Press.  I know you are probably saying to yourself, when does she eat, sleep, work and live?  Trust me, I do all of that and more.  I have my reading time at night before I go to bed and on the weekends.  When I talk to people about my reading habit I remind them that you have to make the time to read and I do and my hubby understands that reading is my downtime and my hobby.  He cooks and I read.  Our son is learning to read and I sit and read with him.  He likes to bring my book from my nightstand and then he gets his book and we read together.  I've always been a reader and will continue to keep reading. 

Until next time, keep reading........................

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