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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Angels vs Demons Blog Hop-Last Day

Last day people.  Harlie hopes that you have enjoyed Kim and Tony.  For your reading pleasure, she has as the whole thing right here.  Enjoy and leave a comment w/email. 

One night, Kim sat in her favorite chair reading the latest romance novel when she heard a noise from inside the house. That's weird, she thought. Shaking her head, she went back to reading her book. A few minutes later, she heard the noise again but this time from a different part of the house. Okay, now this is freaking me out. I don't have a dog or cat. No one lives here but me and I know that I locked all the windows and doors. Plus, with it not raining outside, the sound was a little eerie. Shrugging it off she went back to her book.

Perched on the sideboard in the dining room was figurine of an angel. This was no ordinary angel. This angel could move from room to room without the actual figurine moving from its perch. I always thought that some of grandmother's figurine's looked at me when I moved around the house. It gave me the creeps. The whole house was creepy. I inherited the house when her grandmother passed away last year. I swear, if I hadn't needed a place to live, I wouldn't have moved in here. Just then, another sound and it came from the kitchen. Okay, I'm going to bed. I can't concentrate on my book with my "ghost" buddy moving around in the house. Leaving the lights on, I fixed the coffee pot for in the morning and walked upstairs to bed.

I've got to learn to keep my wings intact and in my back? Tony wanted Kim to notice him but he was going about it the wrong way. Wings retracted, I surveyed the house. She left the lights on again. How in the world can I get Kim to notice me? Does she not realize that I'm her guardian angel and that I can sense danger coming to harm her? Tony crept upstairs and watched Kim sleep. She was beautiful with creamy white skin, golden brown hair and the most kissable lips. Kim needs to believe in her "ghost" because if she didn't, it could be deadly for both of them. Tony placed a feather light kiss on Kim's forehead and headed downstairs again.

Kim awoke with the weirdest sensation. She felt like someone was in her bedroom and that she was kissed on the forehead. Okay, no more late night ice cream binges and definitely no caffeine. Lying back down in bed, she thought that even though she was still creped out by the noises, the kiss felt too real. I'm delusional, I am. Shivering, she pulled the duvet closer to her neck and within an instant she was asleep again.

Whew, that was a close one thought Tony. I need to show myself to Kim but she won't believe me. She doesn't believe in angels, ghosts-anything paranormal. She wants the fairytale, not the fantasy world. Well, Kim will find out soon enough how real I am. By tomorrow night, if she won't believe in angels and what I can do, she'll be dead.


  1. more ! i want more !! ^^ it's becoming better and better


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