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Friday, July 27, 2012

Devil's Brand by Casea Major-Book Spotlight/Cover Reveal

When an old friend offers heiress on the run, Marci Lowe, a temp job working as the personal assistant to the reclusive banking magnate, Devon Brand, she jumps at the chance. At first, the opportunity seems like a dream come true, but Marci finds more than just mystery behind the locked doors of the charismatic man's company.
Brand offers her a permanent position and, it seems, a place in his bed. But it soon becomes clear that what she first believed to be an indecent offer is something different. He is something different...
As his sinister nature is revealed, Marci's life is sent into a tailspin and everything she believed about the world—and herself—is shaken to the core.
Now, she must unlock the secrets of her past and decide if she can align with the man she loves in an ancient war where they will stand in the coming battle between hell and all that is holy.

I'm Casea Major, writer, philosopher and part-time sexual adventurer (at least in my mind). I love exploring limits and unleashing my imagination to create worlds of pleasure...and pain.

Come along for the ride.

And if the flames get too hot...embrace the burn.

Coming October 2012


  1. Whaaaaaat? OCTOBER??? Casea, you are evil, pure evil!

    LOL Love the cover and the book sounds amazing!

  2. Great cover and blurb! I'll have to add this to my wishlist for the fall:)

  3. Thanks for having me today, Marika! I am soo excited about this book - and I love my cover.

  4. Cover's great! Can't wait to read the book. C'mon October:)

  5. Nice cover!

    I think I mentioned it on your blog, but the first time I saw the cover, it reminded me of Dean Winchester.

    Can't go wrong with that. lol